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16/10/05 - Tom Jones 'GIG II' - George Hotel Ramsey
17/10/05 - R*e*p*e*a*t Night - Portland Arms
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01/11/05:-  Click for bigger image

23/10/05:- Review from Portland Gig...

The Cohort Effect finish off the evening with some atmospheric indie pop with a dark and bitter bite. Minor harmonies, unsettling guitar effects and creative use of dynamics makes for a sound which is captivating and slightly unusual, a bit like early Radiohead meeting Echo and the Bunnymen round the back of the bike sheds for a surreptitious listen to an old House of Love album. And the Strokes cover in the encore was a genius way to end the evening.
For full review visit http://www.repeatfanzine.co.uk

20/10/05:- Hello. we played the repeat Portland Arms gig, was a really good night. Kudos to Rosey for putting on the night, there should be a review on www.repeatfanzine.co.uk soon if your interested. We got an encore which was pretty good, so we must have done something right. Also we played at the Tom Jones memorial gig in Ramsey. This was a cool day with a relaxed atmosphere, all the bands performed well.

11/10/05:- We now have a shiny new gallery. Click 'Images' then 'gallery'. thanks  Bob, Matt, Dave, Rachel and Tobie for the pictures.

We have been getting the new songs down for a few weeks now,  and there all ready to be transferred via lots of wire and aggro to CD for your listening pleasures. Songs will be Image in Her Eye, Closing Time, Polaroid and 45 Years Before, we will probably whack a few stickers and stuff in there to sweeten the deal.

25/9/05:- Hey, if you try clicking 'forum' it wont work, so click here instead! GUESTBOOK

News on the gigs we just played. The 'Big' gig was a good laugh, even though we didn't play great, it was still good. Mo had some problems with his amp/pedal and we wondered if all he was going to do for the rest of the night was dance. The Newmarket Battle of the bands was also pretty good, we played pretty gosh darned well, but were pipped by a metal band again. The announcer was in need of a slap, but hey, never mind. Hope to see some familiar faces and some new ones at some gigs coming up.

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16/9/05:- Hi again. Its us. The cohort effect. We have jumped on the myspace bandwagon. I'm not sure what it does, or how it works, but it looks good to me. You can visit our page at www.myspace.com/thecohorteffect

13/9/05:- We have finally got around to updating the site. Hopefully it should give you anything you want to find out about us, whether it be gigs, songs or just some images of us. If there is a problem you find just leave a message on the forum or email one of us and we will gratefully put it right. On this new look site are a few new songs that were recorded live by threecircles. They are namely Closing time and 45 years before. Hopefully there should be some full quality versions put online soon when we get round to going into the studio again. Hopefully this should keep you all going for a few moments.


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Oh yeah. We have some new songs and a new live show going on these days. The songs have the working titles Image in her eye and Polaroid. If you want to know a bit more see for yourself at one of our upcoming gigs. Also  good news for the cohort effect. We came second in the Saffron Walden battle of the bands to god mode by one single solitary vote. Quite an achievement and thanks a huge amount for anyone who made the trip to see it happen. We got into the final after winning our heat and the final was between blue condition god mode ourselves and 8 Lives Left. Pats on backs all round and that brings you up to date with our goings on