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Forming in 2003 it has taken the cohort effect many name changes, style changes, and arguments to end up where they are now. With only the notion to write anthemic music, taking from their huge range of influences from Radiohead, Coldplay, the Beatles, Bloc Party, Blur and Snow patrol to name a few, the cohort effect have come up with a formula that mixes catchy songs with abstract ideas.

The four members all contribute to the sound of the band, Adam bringing his unique beats and influences, Jonathan does the low bits, Maurice with the fiddly parts, and mark brings vocal power and fills in the bits that donít quite fit. Sometimes we like to leave these bits in. Depends what kind of a mood your in.

Having played gig after gig in the hope that experience would be gained the cohort effect have finally got down to what they are good at. We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we like making it. Thank you.

The Band